Thursday, January 31, 2013

500 Giveaway Part 2!

Finally I have part two of my giveaway to share!!

I've said before I'm too scared to send polish overseas, I've been busted twice, so what better than to have a make up giveaway! Surprisingly enough I actually got really into blogs by looking for swatches of make up, specifically NYX lipsticks! I actually have swatched a lot of make up on my blog as well.

So for this part of the giveaway I'm giving away some of my favourite make up items recently.
(the items I will be giving away are brand new and sealed. I've swatched my own products to share with you)

You could win these awesome goodies!

In this part of my 500 giveaway you could win the Wet n Wild I Love Matte palette, two Megalast lippies in red Velvet and In the Flash and a NYX retractable eyeliner in Black. These are all products I use (whenever I wear makeup) and love.

Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks Red Velvet and In the Flesh

Red Velvet
Ignore the awful pics of me! I wanted to give everyone an idea of what the lipsticks were actually like!

In the Flesh

Wet n Wild palette I Love Matte
I love the browns in this palette, they're perfect for everyday wear.

You will also receive the NYX retractable eyeliner in black. I wear this eyeliner most days! It's fantastic.

This giveaway is open internationally.
It is for the two Megalast lipsticks in In the Flesh and Red Velvet, the I Love Matte palette and Nyx eyeliner in black.
The giveaway will be open until February 20th 12:00am NZDT.
The winner will be drawn randomly.
The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email and claim their prize, otherwise I will draw another winner.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sample Bar: January

So I've had a few Sample Bar boxes now. I blogged about the first one I recieved in October, but got a little busy and eager and tore apart November and Decembers before I managed to snap some pictures.

I have to say January is my favourite box yet.

I absolutely love the products in this months box!

January Sample Bar Box

Description of products
The reason why this is my favourite box is because there and 3 products that I will be buying. Not just happy with sampling...but so happy with that I need to buy them!

In this months box there is:

Twistband Hairtie: zomg. I love the twistband I received. It's bright and fun and so easy to use. I always have a hair tie around my wrist. The twistband looks so cute in the hair or around the wrist. It doesn't snag and holds well. I want more! And I want to try to headbands.

Air Repair Eye Cream: I'm not someone that uses a lot of products and creams. I ave used the eye cream several times and I do feel as though my eyes are refreshed, but I can't really compare it to anything as I wouldn't normally use an eye cream.

Steamcream: zomg love, love,love times a thousand. I love Steamcream. I had run out of moisturizer and hadn't quite made it to repurchase any. Normally I'd use a Lush moisturiser. Steamcream comes in a funky tin, is light and refreshing to use, isn't greasy and to me smells reminiscent of Lush Angels on Bare Skin, my favourite cleanser. I will be repurchasing this soon! I never want to run out.

Le Tan Coconut Lotion: Argh! I'm so much in love with this sunscreen. It smells delicious and is the perfect size to throw into my handbag for school. Honestly you need this sunscreen. It is incredibly delicious smelling. I've been wearing it every day since I got it. Nick asked if I'd been baking because it smelt so good. I haven't been sunburnt either!

Hil Cook Solution Buds: this was the only product I wasn't keen on. Mostly because I'd rather use a cleansing towelette to clean off my make up... and also because I couldn't work out the twist and pull... There were two in the packet though. So next time I wake up with panda eyes, I'll be retrying the buds!

Part two of my giveaway will be posted tomorrow.
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Rainbow Honey: Equestria

Another gorgeous day in Welly!
I could get used to spending everyday at home, relaxing, in the sunshine!
But alas we start school next week on Monday. So I've been busy preparing for the start of the year.
Fortunately I've had plenty of time to play with amazing polishes! You can always make time for polish.

Today I have some absolutely stunning polishes to share. The Rainbow Honey Equestria collection  Rainbow Honey is one brand I wish I had more of. I love the branding, the logo, the bottles, the boxes... Everything just screams I'm gorgeous buy me! And the polishes are stunning. I have so many Rainbow Honey polishes on my wishlist.

Unfortunately at the moment these are the only ones I own (although my eye is on the new valentines collection).

Hoof Wrassel over OPI 

20% Cooler over OPI Fly

A Little Kindness over CG Lemon Fizz

Pinkie Promise over CG Dance Baby

The Element of Magic over OPI Planks A Lot

Mare of the Moon over a dark blue (sorry I can't remember!)

The Worst Possible Thing over ??? (argh not a good day for remembering)

Celestia over black
These polishes are obviously named for and inspired by My Little Pony. I personally don't get the craze for the new MLP... but I do have a nice collection of vintage My Little Ponies. I was a My Little Pony girl in the 80's (and early 90's).

My only regret is not buying these full size!

And of course... If you haven't already, enter my giveaway here

Part two of my giveaway arrived yesterday and I'll be posting that later tonight! So exciting!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Spam

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Wellington. Yay!
Unfortunately I'm stuck at homewith out a car, it's warrant of fitness day.
But 'lucky' for me I have far too much cleaning to do and need to try and rearrange the house to fit new furniture in.

Today I have some stunning polishes from Pretty & Polished to show you.
I was so excited when Pretty & Polished starting shipping internationally again. Before these awesome polishes I had only managed to snag three minis... and I wanted more!!!

Pool Party 3 coats
Pool Party is such a gorgeous blue base with shimmer and fun glitters strewn all the way through. i love the glitter distribution in Pool Party, I often feel there is too much glitter in polishes... Pool Party is perfect in my opinion. I know some people will disagree but I love that there's not too much glitter on the nail.

Rat-a-tat over CG For Audrey
Rat-a-tat is awesome. A seriously amazing combination. Who doesn't love black glitter? and to add a turquoise/teal glitter as well? Love love love.

Diner Daze over OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where
Diner Daze is a thinner red jelly with white and black glitters. I found it was best to apply it over a bright red base. i used two coats so my glitters still appear sandwhiched.

Hearts and Daggers over Zoya Dove
Hearts and daggers, as you can imagine, is a bit of a pain to apply... but it is rather pretty. I'm not normally one for heart glitters, but I acytually like the hearts in Hearts and Daggers. Best to dab this one on! I love the combination of colours over a grey creme.

Spring Fling 4 coats
I am insanely in love with all of the Pretyt & Polished colour changing polishes. I especially love adding a glitter topper for an easy gradient. I'm lucky my nail  beds are small and I end up with quite a bit of free edge. Most of the day these awesome polishes have a very cool gradient happening on me. Spring Fling is a bright green when warm and darker when cool.

Dolli-pop 3 coats
Dolli-pop is a blue when warm and purple when cool.

Day Trippin'
Day Trippin' is a pretty pink tone when warm and a purple the same shade as Dolli-pop when cool. Yes you do need them both... they're different colours when warm!

Candy Corn
Candy Corn is a stunning bright yellow when warm and orange when cool. I've seen some people complain the warm yellow is snot coloured... not so with my bottle! this is one polishes that my camera hasn't mae appear brighter or yellower. My bottle is most definitely a bright yellow.

Phoenix over Candy Corn
And this is one of my favourite mani's of 2012. Phoenix is a stunning red and yellow glitter, throw it on over Candy Corn and you have the most awesome nails ever.

I am now eagerly awaiting my recent Pretty & Polished order... Bet you can guess what I ordered...


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(This is part one of my 500 giveaway.. patr two will be coming in a week or so... when it arrives!)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily Lacquer: Lovely Moon Collection

Well it's a yicky cloudy day so far and I'm contending with the kitten for use of the keyboard.
but it shall be a fabulous day, because I'm going polish shopping with Lani!
(Check out Lani at  Lani Loves)

Anyway on to polish (if the kitten allows me to type!)

Today I have the Lovely Moon collection of polishes from Daily Lacquer to share.
 Little know fact... I think Sailor moon is awesome. In fact I totally want to dress up as Sailor Moon for Nicks work conference this year (seeing as I wasn't allowed last year).
So of course I had to buy Sailor Moon inspired polishes!

Rei over OPI Casino Royale
Rei is a gorgeous mix of red, purple, gold and holo glitters. I really love this combo and so far have worn Rei twice. Rei looks equally stunning over a light base.

Makoto over CG Refresh-mint
I love the green and pink of Makoto. Unfortunately I smooshed one of my nails. I only managed to caputer one pic before I ruined my mani. I love how evenly these glitter toppers disperse.

Moon Kitty
Moon kitty is a pretty mix of holo glitters in purple shimmer. This was 3 coats alone. I'd be inclined to suggest layering it over a purple base, Moon kitty was slightly gluggy.

Wow! I fell in love with Minako. I thought the glitter toppers would be my fave... but Minako is an amazing unique polish. Red, blue, holo, orange glitters in an orange base. Gorgeous. The formula was amazing as well.

Gorgeous bright blue crammed full of glitter? Need I say more!
Ami has a much better formula than Moon Kitty, I just wish the moons were more apparent. Whilst they came out with no fuss, they got lost in the layers.

Usagi over a blue I have gone blank on which I used though!
Usagi is a gorgeous combo of gold, holo, red, blue and white. Perfectly fitting for Sailor Moon! Once again no fishing needed for the hearts or moons... they just came out.

Gorgeous polishes from The Daily Lacquer! Now I just need the Moulin Rouge collection (argh I love that movie)

Daily Lacquer can be purchased here:

And don't forget to enter my giveaway! I will personally draw a personification of your favorite
 polish! Enter here.