Friday, April 29, 2011

Nubar Chameleons

Nick refers to my snazzy Nubar duochromes as chameleons and it's kinda stuck in my head.
These pics have been hanging out in my 'to do' folder far too long. I posted the first half of my Nubar Duochromes ages ago! You can check them out here if you want to :)

Dreamers Island
 Dreamers Island...not my favourite. Ok I actually really don't like this one, sure it's probably great for layering...but I wanted a pretty light purple duochrome...not something to layer. It's a very pretty pastel purple that shows off some pretty greens. I couldn't get the pic right, but I was feeling disillusioned with the polish. It's so sheer! This was four coats...4!

Moon Shadow
 Ohhh! Now this is a sexy duochrome. Dark eggplanty purple that shows off bronze, pinky purple and green tones? This one was three coats.

Indigo Illusion
 A more muted colour than I anticipated but a very pretty duochrome. I can see why it's so popular. Dusty blue that flashes green, pink and purple tones. My pictures don't do Indigo Illusion justice. Again three coats.

Wildlife is an odd colour. Olivey bright green with brownish red tones. Yes it does remind me of nature. I can't decide what habitat it reminds me of most...plains, forest, marsh... The tones it portrays are everywhere in our natural world. Again three coats.

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