Saturday, February 25, 2012

Glitter Gal: Holo Spam

Today has been sunny!

Although it's summer here right now sunshine has been pretty rare. the odd day we've had sunshine the weathers done a 180 and started raining! Yeah some days our weather can be crazy.

I've had a few holos waiting to get swatched, so I was able to get that done today (and half the OPI Holland collection). OMG i love the Holland collection.

Anyway here's some awesome Glitter Gal polishes. Enjoy the holo sparkles!

Light As A Feather

Marine Blue

Lizard Belly
Glitter Gal polishes are insane. Amazing quality and pretty holo sparkles.

I swatched 10 to Midnight today...and yes it's just as insanely gorgeous! Hopefully those pics will make their way on to here in the next few weeks.

I'm still working on setting up some scheduled posts to try and keep on top of blogging and work at the moment. Darn that start of the year testing taking so much time to mark!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Essence: Vampires Love

First off an excuse for not posting.

My weekend goal has got to be 'post on my blog and schedule some posts'.
At least I'm almost finished testing at school...when I've finished testing I have to mark all the tests though... not a fun job.

Secondly and amazing collection of stunning vampire themed polishes. I'll admit it...I love a good cheesy paranormal romance. I love fantasy books...give me a good story that involves magic and a dystopian society and I'm all set. Throw in some vampires and romance and even better. Admittedly I'm not the biggest Twilight fan...Sure I read the books...but they don't really do it for me. Bella so freaking annoying. Plus the movies ruined it for me.

When I saw swatches for Essence Vampire's Love I knew I needed the collection. My pics aren't the greatest...these polishes truly are stunning.

Gold Old Buffy

Into the Dark

True Love

The Dawn is Broken

Hunt Me If You Can

Drool! Vampire's Love is a really nice collection. I can't wait to rock these shades this coming Autumn/Winter.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines: Drawn to You

I feel like I haven't had much of a breather this week. Meetings at school until 7.30pm on Monday and Tuesday and doing some design work for my parents has pretty much taken all my free time.

We won't talk about the house and the mess it is in.

Lucky for me I received an amazing package on Monday. I didn't get a chance to open it until Tuesday...
But OMG my China Glaze Magnetix arrived. Drool!

I suck at nail art...aka I don't have the patience, so I love shatter and I now love magnetic polishes. Anything that looks amazing yet takes me minimal time and effort is awesome.

In honour of my pretty non existant Valentines Day...I had a meeting then fell's China Glaze Drawn to You.

China Glaze Drawn to You
And yes those are unedited photo's...I just really am that exhausted and about ready to fall asleep.

Hope everyone had an awesome Valentines....ate candy and chocolate and enjoyed all things red and pink. That's far too many and's for one sentence...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

China Glaze: Martini Lunch

Argh! Starting back at school has thrown out all of my routines. Exercise, eating healthy....even blogging.

Next week my goal is to cook every night and exercise everyday. Hopefully I'll get at least 3 blog posts up...

Today was a glorious day full of sun. It started off cloudy and overcast, but the sun shone through. I now have the red nose to prove it.

A wee while ago I posted pictures of the China Glaze martini Pedicure collection. I was missing one polish from the collection. Martini Lunch. not long after I posted KrisInPhilly from My Lucid Bubble contacted me asking if I'd like a bottle. Yes, yes and yes!Thank you so much!

Martini Lunch
Martini Lunch is a slightly sheer polish. I used 4 coats, but I'm happy to use 4 coats for a flattering shade of pink with millions of glass fleck sparkles.

mmmm... hard to find China Glazes...

Martini Lunch definitely makes the cut in my downsized collection!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RBL Anne... Do you Google Yourself?

I am rather weary of Facebook. I don't trust it, but I can't live with out it. How else could I see friends and families photos? The idea that they have the drunken images of me as a 19 year old, that even though deleted could one day resurface... yup I'm buying into the Facebook paranoia.

Ok so the drunken pictures are rather tame in reality, just a case of a funny look in my eyes and slightly disheveled clothing, but it still unnerves me slightly.

So I googled myself. My full name, my married name, my nickname, my online alias, my gamer tag...

I think I can now say that I'm an incredibly boring person according to the internet. The most interesting things I found about myself was I'm a teacher and I have this blog. Neither of those things could be found off the same name though.

Does anyone else get paranoid about the internets...or is it just me and my crazy?

Anyway, on to happy polish thoughts. Here is one polish that won't be leaving my collection.

RBL Anne
Anne may not be in my usual colour palette, but boy is she pretty. Can you see the pink shimmer...yummy!
Anne is definitely staying with me.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Cull Attempt...

I went through all my polishes this morning... I thought I was doing so well. I was only keeping the ones I truly needed. No dupes allowed!

I was discarding polishes left and right...

Then I counted the ones I had left.


And the OPI Holland, CG Magnetix and Essie Overboard collections are making their way to me...21...

No where near my ultimate goal of 150. I think I was too optimistic with 150. I'm just not ready to part with my 'collectors' polishes. Yeah, that's you Nail Prisms. I just couldn't bear to discard anything holo...Even GR8.

I just counted my polishes in the discard pile...


I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe 300 would be a better goal for me...

And to make this post worth while... Here's a picture of a polish I'll never discard.

Essence Hello Holo
Once I've got my nail polish collection down I think I'll start on my books collection... then maybe my wardrobe. I mean I only wear the same jeans and comfy t-shirt when I'm not at school...and I've been updating my clothes to more 'teacher' looking anyway. Do I really need the pink floaty dress with crochet back... I've worn it once. Tough decisions, but I'm going to be brutal.

I'm really getting into this downsizing thing.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've been thinking and I've decided it's time to get my nail polish habit under control. I'm currently attempting to find my top 150 polishes...

The concept if trying to maintain a 150 polish maximum is strangely exciting... Though I wonder if it's doable. Self control has never been one of my strong points and my collection is currently nearer 600. But realistically, do I need 600 polishes?

One polish that would be a strong contender for my top 150 is Essence Colour and Go Irreplaceable.

Such a stunning, and incredibly flattering, neutral with gorgeous gold fleck shimmer. Seriously you need to enlarge this photo. It's amazing.

Could you cull your nail polish stash to 150 polishes?