Friday, April 22, 2011

Nail Prisms: Garnet Lapis 07

Over the next week or so I'm going to continue posting pictures of my Nail Prism collection.
Most of these pictures are already up on my Nail Prisms page, but I'll be posting more pictures of each polish and adding a bit more blurb about them!

Today I want to show you Garnet Lapis 07. Garnet Lapis is one of those magical polishes that appear so many different colours it's hard to describe them all. I was lucky enough to score this one ebay...and not for the $24.99 I saw it selling for previously!

Prepare for picture spam!

Garnet Lapis is amazing. Turquoise, blue, purple, pinks, golds? Crazy polish!
It's only downside is the sheerness. This is four coats to achieve awesomeness. I don't want to use four coats everytime I want to wear it! Garnet Lapis is far too precious. This may have to bea layering polish.


  1. Wow, just... wow. Amazing multichromeness! I love it :) I have been head over heels with duo/multichromes lately.

  2. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. My favorite so far! This is insanely pretty.