Saturday, May 7, 2011

NYX Spam: Runway 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palettes

There's a couple of days left to stock up on NYX with the Cherry Culture NYX sale.
Enter code NMS50 at check out and you'll get 50% off the 'sale' items.
AWESOME!! ok I may or may not have made three orders...

The first was just polish, then I was thinking I wanted some lipsticks...then I wanted more polish...opps!

Anyway here's some swatches of some of my favourite NYX products, the Runway and For Your Eyes Only Palettes. These are all swatched on my bare skin, no primer.

For Your Eyes Only: Smokey Eye
 An awesome collection of neutrals, silvers and darker tones to create that perfect smokey eye. One of my most commonly used palettes. The colours work for every occasion.

For Your Eyes Only: Blue Eyes
 Well I do have rather blue eyes, so how could I pass up a palette just for me! Some delicious warm orangey toned shades to make blue eyes pop and of course the blues. Not one I reach for a lot...but I love to have the option! It really does looks awesome with my blue eyes.

Runway Collection: Strike a Pose
 The brightest palette I have from the poor palette doesn't get used too often. I just find myself reaching for my neutrals. There are some awesome warm brown, bronze tones in this palette. I have to remind myself how stunning the colours are and to use it more often. The white shadow is pretty handy!

Runway Collection: Versus
 Versus is another one of my regularly used palettes. Gorgeous neutrals and purples. Some of the purples are not as pigmented as NYX shadows normally are, but they're still well worth it. A very pretty feminine palette.

Runway Collection: Champagne and Caviar
Champagne and Caviar must be the most used of these 5 palettes. I love this one! 10 stunning neutral shades...whats not to love!

If you want to check out more NYX swatches I have a tone NYX Round Lipsticks which I have swatched.
You can find them here:

Light Pinks
Second order
Orange Soda and Peony

And here's a link to my swatches of the Mega Shine Lip Glosses I own. They're my favourite gloss!

Mega Shine Lip gloss


  1. I just made a second Cherry Culture order... this is all your fault, you bad influence you! :P

  2.'s not my fault NYX is pretty awesome and we can't get it in NZ!