Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girly Orly's

Ahhhh! I had one of those mornings today. Actually it's been 'one of those' last couple of days!

I managed to blow a fuse and sink half my house into darkness, Nick missed his bus so I had to drive 40min to drop him in (when I wasn't ready and had to be at school), Mum's birthday was on Monday, it was Mothers Day Sunday...and mum's sick.

Oh and did I mention my dress fitting is only 2 weeks away...Ahhhh!

In awesometastic news the wii tells me I lost 2kg last week....so if I can just keep doing that losing weight thing...maybe the dress fitting will go ok! It just has to stay off until July 22nd! Good thing I love salad. Shame I'm not as keen on the exercise, but I'll keep it up!

talking off losing weight for weddings and other girly things...
Here's two gorgeously girly Orlys.

Catch the Bouquet
 Catch the Bouquet is such a pretty girly polish. Shimmering baby pink with a pale blue flash and what could be a glass flecked finish. Oh so girly. Shame it's uber sheer and I have no patience...4 coats and all aboard  to glob-ville! If I had patience I wouldn't have that problem...

The bottle's not near me, and google wasn't much help, so I'm not sure if it's Supernatural or Super Natural...but that doesn't change the awesomness of this polish. So much more than a tired old neutral...Supernatural is a warm pink with stunning gold shimmer. Seriously it's pretty cool. I like it anyway!


  1. Catch the Bouquet is so pretty!!

    oh and by the way, if you're looking for a good way to exercise, BUY JUST DANCE 2 FOR WII.
    the most fun way to exercise ever.
    i hate exercising and don't have the patience, but i can play this game for an hour and not be bored.
    and you burn like 400 calories by doing 5/6 songs. it is such a work out!

  2. That Orly polish is so pretty, something I would definitely wear :)

  3. Ohhh! Thanks Rebecca, I'll get Nick to look for it. He was talking about buying me Zumba for the PS3 move.

    Thanks Olivia :) i think both are just so pretty and girly.