Thursday, August 19, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks: The Light Pinks

Yes more pink!

I love a nice pink lipstick. Everyone needs some princess pink lippies.

Harmonica, Narcissus, Jupiter, Indian Pink and Paris (With out flash)
Harmonica, Narcissus, Jupiter, Indian Pink and Paris (With flash)

My favourite is Jupiter. I know so many people hate shimmer but I love it! Indian Pink is so pretty a coraly pink. Unfortunatelt I can't say I'm a big fan of the others.

Harmonica: I tried to use Harmonica to compliment a dark smokey look, but I couldnt even pull it off that way. Harmonica is very pale. Too pale for me, and a tad cold for me.
Narcissus: Barbie pink. For every girl who wanted to be just like Barbie. It's really not the right colour for me though. Too blue. A very fun colour, but I doubt I'll wear it.
Jupiter: A very pretty pink. This is a colour I'd grab on a day I needed to cheer myself up. Its just such a pretty pink shade I cant help but feel happy and girly and very princess like.
Indian Pink: A very pretty coraly pink with a lovely warm glow. Another lipstick thats a great pick me up. How can you not feel great wearing such pretty colours?
Paris:I've worn this a couple of times now, and I'm still not sold on it. Its a very pink pink. A bit cold for me, but it does match my dress!

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  1. Thank you for the swatches ^^
    Jupiter is very pretty <3