Monday, May 16, 2011

Nyx Girls: Greens

I did manage to get a few swatches of my Nyx Girls Polishes done. Even if Nick was complaining that I was letting too much light in. Not that there was much light by the time I was able to take pictures.

Sour Lime
 Sour Lime is a rather sheer and very sour looking slimey lime green. Well it's green in the bottle then looks more yellow toned on my nails. I think if I'm in the mood for a sour mani I'll apply Sour Lime over China Glaze Electric Pineapple. Sour Lime dries slightly bumpy, so really needs a top coat. If you look closely you can see the little glitters that dry bumpy.

Emerald Forest
Oh Emerald Forest you are divine! So sparkly and pretty. I wonder how you compare to Zoya Ivanka, but I was too lazy to get Ivanka from my room. I needed three coats for shimmery awesome green nails.

 I wasn't sure I would like Boho. In the bottle it looks frosty paled green. I was worried it would be streaky and gross. Boho had a thin shimmery formulae, so while it looks frosty, it's not. Look mum, no streaks! I needed three coats to cover. Boho is growing on me.

Hunter Green
 Murkier and greyer than my picture. My pictures make Hunter Green appear very dark but it is most definitely a murky greyed green. Ok it's still dark, but not quite as dark? I used two coats. Hunter Green is a very awesome, not your usual green.

Alaskan Wild
So there's probably a hundred dupes out there for Alaskan Wild. It's green. It's also a very nice jelly. I used three coats and lost some of the jellyness, but at two coats it's most definitely a jelly. I bought Alaskan Wild to use as a base to darken Emerald Forest so when I try that out I'll post pictures!

One of my all time favourite polishes. Two coats and stunningly awesome.


  1. Wow, I'm really digging Hunter Green and Alaskan Wild! I wish I could stumble upon a beauty supply store near me and get these cheap! :)

  2. Emerald Forest, Alaskan Wild, and Algae are so pretty! I got Emerald Forest during that Cherry Culture sale and I'm glad I did after seeing your swatch of it.