Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I has muscles...they hurts.

 Day two back at school and I'm so exhausted already! Thank goodness I have a release day on Thursday! The kids are tired out as well. They just start wilting after lunch, they couldn't even play cat and mouse today.

It doesn't really help that it's just under 3 months until our wedding. I have a dress fitting in one month...
so it's crazy diet and exercise time. I kept meaning to get back into exercising...this is just the push I needed I guess. I'm really not into gyms and exercising in front of other people. I draw the curtains when I exercise at home even. So I've been hanging out with the Wii. Wii Fit and The Biggest Loser to be precise. Biggest loser every 2nd day and wii Fit everyday. It's day 3 and I just did my first Biggest Loser work out in a long time...I have muscles in my stomach. I know I do, because they hurt! I couldn't bear to hoola hoop on the wii fit today so I went for a walk to the supermarket and carried my shopping home instead.
At least the wii fit tells me I lost weight....so it can be my friend still!

Here's something totally un-nail related...my new hair clip!

 Personally I think it's awesome. I love bows at the moment. I'm eyeing a very nice pair of silver studs that just so happen to be incredibly cute bows. And it has sparkle! What's not to love? I'm finding myself letting me hair be at the moment. Rather than straightening it embracing the wave.


  1. Your hair clip is super cute - I love bows! I've had my eye on the Stolen Girlfriends Club bow ring for ages, but since just about everyone second person I know has it, I want something different. Yet, still lusting after it!

    PS: I think your hair looks great with the little wave :D

  2. looooove it! i love bows.
    i have betsey johnson earrings that are blue bows with pink rhinestones and they are THE BEST.
    i got them on ebay for a steal.

  3. Love the bow! It is really cute

  4. i love the bow :) good luck with the weight loss for the wedding too girly

    shel xx

  5. Thanks everyone for the support! and the admittance of your own bow obsessions! According to the wii I've lost 1.7kg so far....just 8 more to go lol