Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belated Pink Wednesday

I didn't forget pink Wednesday, honest I didn't! I just got side tracked and didn't post my pink nails...

So here goes.

OPI Flower to Flower.

Flower to Flower
 One of my favourite pinks and I love pink. Total girly girl. As a four year old I would only wear trousers if they were pink. It was all skirts and dresses for me. Now I live in my jeans, which are regular blue, not pink. I'm still a girly girl though and love me some pink polish! OPI Flower to Flower is delicious warm pink with stunning silver shimmer. Very awesome.

I should post something more substantial tomorrow, but I think I'll sleep now. I went back to school today... wow were my kids pleased to see me and was I not so pleased to hear about some of them. They were shocking for the poor relievers they had. Anyway...talking all day hurt my voice and their talking hurt my head!

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