Sunday, August 15, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks: The Mauves

Mauve is a colour I'm normally drawn to. Its pretty, its natural looking and it suits most people.
I've normally stuck to one shade, so I'm branching out with lighter and darker.

Thalia, B52, Heather and Lala (With out flash)

Thalia, B52, Heather and Lala (With flash)
My favourite is Heather. IT's the perfect shade for any occasion. Lala on the other hand...well I'm not a purple person!

Thalia: Not quite what I was expecting. So many people rave about Thalia. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasnt this colour. I do like the colour, it's just a tad milky?
B52: Gorgeous neutral shade. I think this is what I was expecting from Thalia.
Heather: Such a gorgeous colour. I almost didnt keep it. I thought I had Thalia and B52 I didnt need another similiar colour. How wrong was I. I needed Heather. Its so different from Thalia and B52. It's perfect for me.
Lala: Can you say purple? Lala is so purple on me. It pales me out and gives me a goth look. Its such a nice colour, but way too dark and cold for me.

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