Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nail Prism: Purple Diamond 03

Well this is disappointing. My version of Purple Diamond 03 is a watery dull purple with a sprinkling of holo particles. I used three coats. I couldn't bear to anymore. The formula was watery and difficult to apply. Ok so it would have been easier if I had any patience!

Purple Diamond 03
Ok, I'll admit Purple Diamond does look pretty cool in a watery glaze kind  of way. The dull purple is actually more unique to my holo collection. I'll admit it, I actually like Purple Diamond...despite my complaints!


  1. I think it look nice. Maybe it'll look nicer if you layer it over something?

  2. Yeah, I do like it lol. I think it was just a disappointment compared with other peoples awesome pics of Purple Diamond.

    I was thinking of layering it over Zoya Caitlin, to bring out more of the grey.

  3. it still gorgeous! I would layer it as well.

  4. my lapis amethyst is also watery and sheer!