Saturday, August 14, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks: The Reds

I'm not a red person. I don't wear red lipstick.
It makes me look terrifyingly pale.

Though I seem to have purchased quite a few red colours from the NYX Round Lipsticks.

Margarita, Femme, Twist, Nyx, Electra, Snow White and Black Cherry
Margarita, Twist, Electra, Snow White (With out flash)

Margarita, Twist, Electra, Snow White (With flash)
Originally I thought I would pass on Nyx, Femme and Black Cherry...but I couldnt resist trying them out eventually! My favourites are margarita and twist. Snow White pales me out completly, Black Cherry makes me look goth. Electra how ever seems to work on me.

Margarita: My favourite. A lovely wearable coral/red. Yes it's shimmery, but I like that.
Twist: Another very wearable colour. Red with a gold shimmer. Yes it is shimmery, but hey I like the shimmer. It's pretty and delicate.
Femme: I was so sure this would look hideous on me. Its such a bright colour in the tube. I couldnt resist the temptation to try it though, and to my suprise I like it. Yes it's very bright, but it works.
Nyx: How can you not buy the lipstick named after the entire range? I'm not sure a goddess of the night would be so into orange, but it's a fun colour to play with. Orange tones seem to work on me, it must be the blue eyes thing!
Electra: So I wont actually wear this often. Its a true RED RED RED. Very bright and very red. It doesn't make me look scarily pale though!
Black Cherry: Wow, this is so dark on me. Luckily it looks very nice on mum!

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