Monday, May 23, 2011

Brrrrr Cold Mornings!

Well I just go back from dropping Nick down to the bus. It's pitch black outside and there's a misty layer over the valley where we live. It's freezing.

Normally when I got back I'd be up and doing things, but it's so cold this morning I made my breakfast and climbed back into bed with it!

My credit card is getting paid off and replaced with a debit card soon. I'll still be able to purchase things online...but I have to put money on to it first. So I'll actually have to watch my spending.  I'm trying very hard to resist the Essie Resort collection for this year... Safari theme...mmmm!

Anyway here's a few Lippmanns to warm your morning!


Glitter in the Air

Ruby Red Slippers

Some Enchanted Evening
mmmmm! Deborah Lippmanns... Now If only I could get my hands on the new summer polishes...


  1. I do a pre paid debit card for all of my online shopping. Mush safer. And I can keep a tight reign on my spending. If the money isn't on my card, I don't get to buy it. lol

  2. Ruby red slippers is gorgeous. I don't have any Deborah Lippmans - yet. Do they live up to the hype? Where do you buy yours from?

  3. I don't know how I'll survive with a debit card! I'm sop used to just spending lol.

    The lippmanns do live up to hype, though I'd recommend Bad Romance over Ruby Red Slippers. I love love Bad Romance.