Friday, May 27, 2011

Wedding Songs and Finally Some Swap Polishes

Well my wedding is now 8 weeks away, so I was talking to mum when she asked me what songs I wanted...

Umm...opps! I hadn't even though about songs. The only one I'd thought about was the first dance. I just hadn't registered in my brain that I needed more songs.

So I did a bit of googling...and found out you need a billion different songs. (ok slight exaggeration)

Prelude, processional, bridal entrance, in service, interludes, recessional, first dance, father daughter dance and last dance. I probably missed out some.

Well I told dad he could decide on the father daughter song, but I'm cringing at the idea he'll end up choosing Butterfly Kisses. I know he loves the song...but does anyone else just think it's cliche now?

The first dance song is going to be A Whole New World...seeing as apparently (according to everyone else) Beauty and the Beast isn't appropriate. Even if it's just the instrumental :(

But I have no ideas for other songs. So help! What songs did you have at your wedding? What songs are you having at your wedding? What songs would you have at your wedding?

Anyway some awesome swap polishes. These two were from Sam. So thanks Sam!

Revlon Perplex

Duri Dirty Dancing


  1. i swatched perplex last night but the shimmer didn't come out as well in my pictures!
    i also swatched my nail prism with you in mind ;)

    and i have no idea what to say about the wedding songs.
    my parents argued over the song they would have, and my mom won with a lionel richie song. and she doesn't even remember which one it is anymore.
    my dad wanted the song Time In A Bottle, which is a really nice song for that sort of thing, and now he plays it for my mom in spite. lol!

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  3. my first comment posted twice ><

  4. I love Perplexed on you!! It looks so good next to your skin tone and in the beautiful sunlight!!

    I seriously love that Duri. Whenever I search their colors online they look sooo boring. That one is just plain HOT.

    I had a very non-traditional wedding so the only song we had to choose was "our song" which was a no brainer because of our past. Otherwise, we had jazz and blues play in the backgroud until we seriously hit the dance floor to MJ and alike lol

  5. This is so hard. I'm actually getting married next Saturday.

    We are having a flute trio for the ceremony, so these might sound a bit different for you, but for Ceremony:

    Parents Entrance: Canon in D - Pachelbel

    Bridal Party Entrance: Sheep May Safely Graze - JS Bach

    Bride Entrance: Rhondo - Mouret

    Unity Candle Lighting (only song we need for ceremony): Sleeper's Wake - JS Bach

    Exit: Trumpet Voluntary - Purcell

    For reception:

    Entrance song: Best Day of My Life - Dashboard Confessional

    First Dance: Marry Me - Train

    Cake Cutting & Dollar Dance: DJ is picking this

    Garter Toss: 007 Theme Song

    Bouquet Toss: Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cindi Lauper

    Last Dance Song (we wanted a fun song, not slow song): Don't Stop Believin - Journey

  6. Awesome swatches! :) I recently got Perplex...I need to use it soon. How exciting with the wedding preparations!! :) Good luck with deciding on all of the songs!

  7. I can't wait to see your nail prism Rebecca! I'm only slightly obsessed.

    Ohhhh! Thanks loodie. I really liked both polishes and thought they were amazing. So Im glad others agree!

    Thank you so much Peggy. Thats so kind of you to share your songs with me. Seeing what other people think are good songs has been really helpful.

    Thanks Natalie! You really do need to use Perplex, it's very pretty. Especially in the sun.

  8. Duri Dirty Dancing looks amazing!

  9. ... Loving Perplex, I actually won one from a giveaway a couple of months ago but it was taken during transaction because you know nailpolish in the mail... *sigh*

    ANYWAYS, Congratulations! :D

    Ohhhs... songs... wow, I never though picking songs will be this much work for a wedding... I thought the only song you needed was the bridal entrance and a first dance together as a married couple song. O.O

  10. Hi again,
    I forgot to add:

    Mother & Son dance: Simple Man - Shinedown
    Brother & Sister dance (I'm dancing with my brother because our parents have both passed) - I Hope You Dance

  11. I think I've sorted out my songs... I'll post them for everyones opinions a bit later this week (I'm still not sure lol)

    Thanks everyone!

  12. Yay! Perplex and Dirty Dancing look great on you :D

    Disney for the first dance - epic!

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