Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Matte Velvet

I received my final NYX haul yesterday. So I'll hopefully get around to swatching those polishes in the weekend. I didn't realise I'd gone so crazy on the brights and neons! I put Bermuda Triangle on straight away and topped it off with White Shatter...awesome mani! Hopefully the sun shines for me to take a pic tomorrow.

I left when it was dark, and I got home when it was dark...booo winter.

At least the Autumn/Winter polish can come and play. Talking about Autumn and Winter polishes, some stunning ones are the Zoya Matte Velvets. I have 5 of the 6 polishes that were released in sets of three over Autumn and Winter 2009/2010.

First released in the Autumn of 2009 were a trio of red, silver and black. I am missing the red, Poshe. The ebay seller I bought from declined to mention it was out of stock, but didn't bother to refund me. They no longer trade on ebay...

Anyway gorgeous colours time!

Loredana: Gorgeous dark greyed silver. So shimmery and sparkly...yet matte.

Dovima: Charcoaled black? Very pretty and more interesting than a straight black. Dovima does remind me of coal. We all know what coal turns into...eventually...

Then for the Winter of 2009/2010 Zoya released another set of Matte Velvets. A green, purple and what I class as a red violet. I managed to get all three.

Verushucka: Wine bottle green...can you tell I haven't had anything to drink in a month. Very pretty bottle green with shimmer. I thought it might be close to Revlons matte Emerald City, but they are distinctly different...to me...

Savita: Described as a plum, I'd just call it a purple. It doesn't seem to have as much gorgeous shimmer, it does have some, but it's not as out there?

Harlow: I think Harlow is my favourite of the bunch. I'd class it as a red violet. To purple to be a pink but too red to be a purple. Such pretty shimmer and such a pretty flattering colour. Gorgeous.


  1. Thay are really gorgeous!
    I love them all except the green maybe ^^"

  2. I have been lemming these for SO long now. Zoyas are horrendously expensive on eBay though :(

  3. I know Zoyas are crazy expensive...I really want some of the summer and sunshine polishes. I just can't justify it though.

  4. This reminds me that I need to get Harlow and Dovima. This look great on you. :)

  5. Zoya has the most amazing mattes! I have Loredana and Dovima (couldn't decide which I wanted :D)

    Verushucka looks amazing on you!

  6. harlow is pretty! i wonder if its a dupe for we'll always have paris suede?

  7. I don't have any of the OPI Suedes, but I do love Harlow!