Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sick Day and Nyx Haulies Round 2

Somedays you just need to have a sick day. Yesterday I felt  rather awful. Nothing was actually wrong, but everything was! I mean I don't think I have a virus or anything interesting, I was just run down to the point that food was making me feel ill and my head just wouldn't stop throbbing.

So I decided to spend the day at home today. Unfortunately as a teacher I bought in to the idea that martyrdom is best. I hardly ever take a sick day. Last year I took 3 days off, because the doctor said I had no voice and therefor couldn't teach. I actually turned up at school and got sent home lol. But that's just silly. If you're sick, you're sick. My class don't want me all cranky and irritable just because I'm not feeling the greatest. As you can tell I feel the need to justify having a sick day to myself. Teachers are seriously martyrs.

I'm not as sick as I was yesterday, so I plan on doing somethings around the house and hopefully getting round to swatching some nail polish...and watching some Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant that I recorded. Is that bad or what! But omg I love the drama and am I only the person that watches these shows and wants babies... anyway that's my guilty secret of the day.

In more awesome non sick news my second Cherry Culture haul arrived yesterday and so did my Pirates of the Caribbean polishes. Seriously OPI if you're going to collaborate with Disney can you please do a princess collection....pretty pretty pretty please. I'd buy back ups for my backs ups if you did.

Anyway pics!

Haulies! New eyeshadow brushes, Black Label Lipsticks, Megashine Lip Gloss, Concealer Jar and Polish

Black Label Lipsticks in Nude, India and Natural

Black Label Lipsticks in Diva, Heather and Off the Beaten Path

Alps Bunny and Deep Space

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Nude Peach and Pink Rose

Skull and Gloss Bones, Stranger Tides and Mermaids Tears

Steady as she Rose, Sparrow Me the Drama and Planks a Lot.
Nick bought me Zumba for the PS3 yesterday, so I plan on trying that out today as well. I have no rhythm and cannot dance...so it should be interesting! I just wanted a fun exercise game to play. Biggest Loser isn't fun...it just makes me do exercises. So on the days I'm not doing Biggest Loser I wanted a fun game to play.

According the Wii Fit, which I'm now only using to track my weight, I have now lost a total of 3kg. So only 4kg to go until I'm at my happy weight. 8kg to go if I really want to lose weight and look alright in my bikini.
10kg if I want to be back to my 17 year old self weight.

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  1. hope you have fun with the Zumba its always best if you can have fun when exercising it doesnt feel as bad then lol!

    shel xx