Monday, May 16, 2011

OPI picks of the bunch

It's almost 8am and I havent left yet...I'm feeling rather odd sitting around at home. This morning I'm going to a course which doesn't start until 9am! So I get to hang around at home almost and hour longer than usual. Since I have extra time I can write an extra post. w00t.

I've never been to Texas, I've never been anywhere other than New Zealand and Australia, but I rather like the Texas polishes! I wish OPI would do a New Zealand collection. It would be all greens and blues and maybe some slate grey and a smattering of white for snow on the alps. Ha, my mind wont be on my course now. I'll be thinking about the OPI NZ collection I'm inventing in my head.

Anyway back on task. I bought 7 of the Texas polishes. Four of the 'sorbets' because I just couldn't decide on which to buy. I originally was only going to buy three of the sorbets...but somehow Too Pink to Hold 'em snuck into my collection.

Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear

Guy Meets Gal-Veston
Guy Meets Gal-Veston with a layer of Calendar Girl on top...and Just because I could Black Shatter on my pinky!

Do You Think I'm Tex-y

Too Hot Pink To Hold 'em
Sorry you'll have to excuse the bad pictures! I took them at different times with different nail lengths and in different lighting! That's why I've been procrastinating posting them. I meant to re-swatch them, but then I broke my nail and gave up on the idea. Bad blogger!

And now for the Two cremes and the one shimmer I bought.

Suzi Loves Cowboys

San Tan-tonio

I Vant to be A-lone Star


  1. I Vant to be A-lone Star is gorgeous!

  2. I love it. I wasn't sure i would...but it's such a pretty blue with shimmer.