Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nyx Haulies Number 1!

It's almost 10am on Sunday... and I'm still in bed. I had to get up at 6.30am to take Nick to the bus as per usual, but as soon as I got home I climbed straight back into bed. I don't plan on getting up either, unless there's a blanket and lots of cushions on the couch involved. It is absolutely pelting down outside. There's been thunder and lightning and the rain just hasn't let up. There's a lake surrounding my car, so there's no way I plan on going anywhere today. Ok maybe lake is an exaggeration, but I'd get my feet wet if I tried to get into my car.

Yesterday the first of my Nyx orders from Cherry Culture arrived. Exciting!

Sparkle, Bronze Goddess, Smoldering and Black
Hot Blue, Hunter Green, Alaskan Wild and Sour Lime.
Bella, Fairy Dust, Maui Sunrise, Florida Orange and Forever 1989.
I had plans to swatch them all then and there. Nick had different ideas. Apparently Brink (latest game he's playing) came out on Friday and hes been experiencing gamer withdrawal since the Playstation Network has been down. So apparently he needed to play Brink on the xbox all day, with the curtains drawn. Our living room is wonderfully bright, but he shuts out all the wonderful light to ensure his picture is better. So I had no natural light to take photos in. I set off to make a light box. hahahaha. Yeah I think I'll buy one...
I need a solution to the problem of a New Zealand Winter and lack of natural sunlight to take photos. So I may just purchase a light box set, with lamps. I think the lighting source was my main problem, too yellow, but I looked for daylight lamps and wow were they expensive. I think it'll work out better just to buy a kit with everything.


  1. OMG! Another New Zealand blogger, yay! :DD
    ... and boys with their games, lol!

    I haven to get around to making these lightboxes too.. I've been getting up early every morning before school just to take the photos and sometimes it's not even sunny for 3 days and my mani just gets chewed up like that, lol!

    I've been waiting for my NYX stuff to come from Cherry Culture too! It's been almost 10 days.. too excited, ahhh! LOL! I did wish they had more of their glitter polishes in stock though.... *sigh*

    Just a question, how do you swap with people around the world? I mean there's almost nothing in New Zealand to swap with so how do you do it? Do you just sent them B.Y.S? OHH and Nubar, did you get that in a swap or purchase in NZ? I heard there was a NZ distributor but I emailed them and they never replied back >.>

  2. Ebay! I hae a really bad addiction. I'll email you later tonight though and tell you all my polish aquiring secrets. :)

  3. We probably have enough NZers to start a mini swap network of dupes, double ups and unwanteds...

  4. Ohh yay thankyou!

    As for the mini swap network, put me up for it if it ever gets made, lol! I somehow can see NZers making a badge like these which the Aussies have:

  5. Lol if someone comes up with a cute name I'll draw a pic.

  6. Wow you got your NYX stuff fast!

  7. I know, my second order arrived today as well. my third one still hasn't shipped though.

  8. I'm expecting my first one any day now, but I'm in the same boat as you with my second :(

    Also, you might be interested in this: