Sunday, August 29, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks Swatches

Finally swatches for my latest NYX round lipsticks. I have decided not to keep darling, apollo, milan or strawberry milk. Harmonica was too light for me so I'm just not sure I could pull off Strawberry Milk. Milan was too close to B52 and Heather and I just cant see myself ever wearing Apollo or Darling.

I had meant to sell Sierra as well, but I had an unfortunate accident and dropped it. Its relatively unscathed but not in pristine condition to what else could I do other than try it out!

Frosted Beige: A really nice shimmery colour. More pink than beige in my opinion though.
Peache: I'm guarding this one. Mum's taken a fancy to it. I wouldn't call it peach. Though it does remind me of the fuzzy peach skin. That purpley colour meeting the peach and mingling
Rosebud: Pretty princess pink. More pink than Jupiter.
Topaz: A gorgeous colour. Unfortunately this didnt stay in my hands long before it was kidnapped by mum!
Watermelon: A golden shimmery watermelon. I like this one better than Indian Pink
Vitamin: a gorgeous shimmery peachy pop of orange. Yes it does kind of look like vitamins! At lease it makes my face look all nice and bright and cherry. 

Hebe: oh how I love Hebe. It's such a beautiful shade of red. I feel so glam.
Sierra: I honestly can't decide what I think of this one. Its almost like dirty, muddy, milky clay. Reminds me of Firefly when they visit Canton and are introduced to mudders milk.

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  1. Pretty lips swathces ^^
    Thank you sooo much!
    Shimmery lipstick looks great on you and I don't understand why a lot of people hate shimmery lipstick >.<