Monday, May 30, 2011

Small Haulies?

Well I'm sure I mentioned that my last NYX parcel arrived, but I never got round to posting pics. My Serena Williams sets also arrived and I was naughty and bought a polish at Farmers yesterday. I try to avoid buying from Farmers unless things are on special...but this polish was an exception.

So onward...

My last NYX parcel included 10 nail polishes and one Black Label Lipstick in Princess. I haven't taken a picture of Princess yet, but here's the polish!

Dynamic Glitter, Grand Royale and Enchanted Forest
Rum Punch, Grape Fruit, Red Bean Slush and Collection Noir

Ink, Bermuda Triangle and Bubblegum
 And of course my awesome OPI Serena Williams sets. I bought one for mum as well, seeing as she loves crackle so much.

White Shatter, Spak de Triomphe, Red Shatter, Rally Pretty Pink
 And of course my absolute splurge polish. I actually ended up paying $30.95 for this...yes that's really bad lol. But look at it in the sunlight...pretty. Yes I know other people have found it disappointing, but I still really wanted it! Butter London No More Waity Katie.

Well yesterday I spent the day re-arranging my house...there isn't a room I didn't mess with. I've moved all my polish and a little table into the study to make a nail polish corner. Now I'm on the hunt for some big frames to put up my Serenity travel posters...

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend, while I, and everyone else in New Zealand begin Monday.


  1. OMG, I will die if you dont post swatches of Enchanted Forest!!

  2. Nice haulage. I am looking forward to swatches. *hint, hint*

    Yepper, $30.00 calms is a little much for a polish, but if you really love it, it's worth the splurge. Sometimes we just have to treat ourselves. :)

  3. Well I wouldn't want you dying minty!
    I'll hopefully swatch these next weekend. We're losing the sun about 4.30pm lately and I'm not home in the week.

  4. Serenity travel posters? Dare I hope that you mean these: #geekgasm

    I know what you mean about Farmers! The Butter London display... so gorgeous.

  5. Rally Pretty Pink is amazing!! It practically applies itself too.

  6. Yes Sam...I mean those posters! I only have the first series though. I love or retro they look. Plus <3 Firefly.

  7. Jealous of your nail polish collection and Firefly posters nao. :P

  8. Ohhh Loving the Butter London :)

    I saw them on sale in the city's farmer; Buy 2 bottles ($32 each) and get one free.. but I only wanted No more Waity Katey sooo I didn't cave in for that offer.