Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I Wanted...

Well, what I wanted was not what I got for tea. All I wanted was delicious Hells Pizza. A large Pandemonium (chicken, cranberry and brie) and chicken tenders to share with Nick. Actually I changed my mind...not to share. He's mocking my spelling.

What I had for tea was salad...lettuce, tomato and cucumber. With a mince pattie I made with just mince from the left over mince I cooked Nick in his delicious smelling pasta...

I love salad...but mmmm pizza would have been good!

Oh well, it's all worth it for the wedding!

In awesome nail pictures, it's been raining heavily on and off today and most of the week actually. I haven't been able to take any new pictures. The good news is you wont have to look at my stubby broken nail as it grows out! In the mean time here's BB Couture Sea of Cortez.

Sea of Cortez.
Wow! Sea of Cortez is an amazing blue with awesome glitter. It's such a pretty polish. Like omg stare at my nails pretty. Yes, there's some visible nail line on me, but I put that down to my crazy nail whites and my laziness to do another coat! Everyone that loves blue needs Sea of Cortez.


  1. Thanks! I love it as well :)

  2. Kudos on the willpower - you're stronger than I am! Pandemonium's my fav, too! Though our Hell's is real skimpy on the cranberry sauce D:

    Sea of Cortez looks kind of like a darker version of ChG Martini Pedicure. Looks good on you!

  3. Stronger...or just need to fit my wedding dress