Friday, May 20, 2011

When Mistakes Go Right

Opps! I may have left the lid off my Black Shatter. When I went to use it it was a thick gloopy unusable mess.

So I reached for my trusty OPI nail polish thinner...

and it made my Black Shatter awesome. Check out the pictures of this shattering!

DS Diamond with Black Shatter
The shatter, in my opinion, looks pretty amazing. It's shattered much more randomly, it was easier to apply and the gaps were bigger showing off the gorgeous DS Diamond I was wearing underneath. Unfortunately by the time I got home last night the sun was disappearing and I couldn't capture the holo in DS Diamond.


  1. That's a problem with carckle polishes!
    My CG do this too!
    Awesome combo

  2. That's a great look! I might try thinning my silver shatter as that's pretty goopy & thick too.