Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Pirates Day

We were planning on having a night out last night. Getting something delicious for dinner and heading to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately on my way to school I started feeling rather ill. By the time I got to school I had bad stomach pains and felt like I might be sick. Quite a few kids from class have been off sick with a stomach bug and I'd sent two home on Thursday because they vomited. The joys of teaching children?
 I managed to last the day. MY stomach pains went from bad to gurgling and churning, which I could put up with. I just didn't risk eating! So I thought it might be better to just take it easy and rest up.

I'm feeling much more settled in the tummy today. That means it's Pirates time! Yup I'm excited. I don't care if it got bad reviews from some stuck up movie reviewer in the paper. I'm going to love every minute of it. Just like the last 3 films!

In honour of Pirates of the Caribbean I'm wearing Stranger Tides with Silver Shatter and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean collection from OPI.

Skull and Glossbones
 I'm sorry I know OPI does cheesy names...but I love this one. I love all the names in this collection actually. They're just the right balance of cheesy and fun. Anyway Skull and Glossbones, light grey beige, stone colour? Comparable to the likes of Playa del Platinum. A warm greyed shade with sandy tones still? ahhh look at the pictures, thats what colour it is! My descriptive powers are not good today.

Mermaids Tears
 One of the polishes I was looking forward to the most. My anticipation was well justified because Mermaids Tears is a gorgeous dusty, what I would called jade. It's a very pretty green that works well on most people. And hey I love a green with some blue or a blue with some green. mmmm aqua and turquoise tones!

Sparrow Me the Drama
 Must brighter pink than I was expecting. I don't have another pink like it though. Bright but still dusty. Sparrow Me the Drama is a very pretty polish and perfectly lady like as well.

Planks A Lot
 According to Nick Planks A Lot is a controversial name. I mean OPI don't want to be seen to support planking do they? *rolling eyes* Planks A Lot is however a gorgeous dusty purple. Once again bright but dusty. Very pretty and I think this one will look stunning with Silver Shatter.

Steady as She Rose
 Much paler than I was expecting, Steady as She Rose is a pretty shade in between pink and purple. It's another difficult colour to describe. But it's pretty and delicate.

Stranger Tides
 The movies name sake is a dulled, lightened khaki colour. It's one of those colours that's neutral enough with a bit of kick. The kick of course being the green khaki tones. OPI got it right, it's a strange colour, but it's rather flattering for summer as well. If only we were heading into summer. I only needed two coats. So the formulas great.

Stranger Tides with Silver Shatter
I wasn't sure Silver Shatter would be very good over Stranger Tides, but I actually do like it. Silver Shatter give the almost neutral tone of Stranger Tides a healthy dose of bling! But at the same time is subtle enough. Silver Shatter seems to work best over cremes. Every time I've put it over a shimmer my cracks aren't as big! The base colour doesn't show through as much.


  1. Gorgeous swatches! I've only used one of these polishes so far...need to try out the others soon! :)

    Have fun at the movie! :)

  2. I wasn't sure how Silver Shatter would go over them, but I have o say i love it. Even if it is more subtle.

  3. Great swatches! I also Silver Shatter over Stranger Tides.

  4. I didn't like the colours of the polishes much but after I saw the movie I couldn't help but lem these! I frikken love Jack Sparrow, such a sneaky jerk!

    I'm soooo glad that I'm getting the whole set for only $99NZD from Trademe, that's with the shatter.

    OHOHOH!! I just tried Black Shatter yesterday.. and OMG I love it.. Newly converted shatter fan :)

  5. I love shatter lol. I shatter my nails most days I paint them. I'm wearing Planks A lot right now...but I'm totally shattering it in the morning