Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nyx: Oranges and One Red

Well I'm lying in bed typing, throwing some more love to the Nyx Girls polishes. Seriously I'm impressed with them, I didn't have expectations, but I really like them. And who doesn't love a cute bottle that stores neatly.

Forever 1989
 I wanted an orange creme and I saw there were what looked like several orange cremes to choose from...but I'm a product of the 80's so I went for the 80's themed polish. A nice bright pop of orange. Comparable to OPI Flit a Bit. I'll compare them both at some stage.

Florida Orange
 Well this polish is the reason why I wanted an orange creme. I knew that Florida Orange would be sheer. Actually I'm thinking I'll layer it over Y'all Come Back Ya Hear. I love a good jelly with a sparkly sheer  shimmer on top.

Chick Lit
 Ok so it's not really orange, it's a coral. Chick Lit looks like it is on the verge of being frosty, but it's saved by the pretty shimmer. I bought two polishes for their literature inspired names...Cick Lit and Ink Heart.
Yes I will wear Ink Heart while I read Ink Heart again...I'm that dorky.

Well this is an amazing polish. I couldn't just choose 2 pictures, so I've included 4. Woman is amazing. Jellyish Red packed with awesome shimmer particles. Almost flakey. Look at the colours it shines! Pinks, reds, gold tones...I bought one for my mum too. She loves it!


  1. Woah, Woman looks amazing!!

  2. Florida Orange is a great colour! NYX have some interesting shades.

    I'm glad I stumbled across your blog, I'm a new follower from Australia :)

  3. These are pretty, but I will never look at NYX products the same after yesterday. LMAO!

  4. Oh damn, I ordered Florida Orange in my second order and I don't own an orange creme that isn't a neon... I'm meant to be on a non-buy grr!

  5. These polishes are gorgeous!! :)

  6. Florida Orange is layerable to wear it alone. I just have crazy nail whites. It's prob fine on everyone else in the world!