Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back to School Giveaway!

Well tomorrow is back to school for me...and I'm actually dreading it slightly. I love the kids I teach, but I can't stand politics. Unfortunately there's politics at the moment. So I've been feeling rather crappy. Which to be honest isn't very cool.

So to make going back to school just that bit more awesome I'm doing a giveaway! It's not much, but hopefully everyone will like it :)

Here's what you could win!
Australis Limited Edition 1, Nubar 2010 and Australis Limited Edition 2.

The giveaway bottles are of course wonderfully brand new bottles of aesome polish, purchased by me. Here are swatches of my bottles of the Australis polishes...just so you can see what you can win!

Limited Edition 1
Limited Edition 2
Open to everyone, international and national.
Giveaway is open from now until the 21st of May 11:59pm.
There is a chance for you to get 5 entries!
(other rules are on the form)


  1. :o Nubar flakies!! *drools*
    Naw good luck with school tomorrow, I have to go back to uni too :(

  2. Wow, I really want that Nubar polish!

  3. Good luck @ school That Nubar Polish is gorgeous.. just entered.. thanks for the great give away and becoming a follow of my blog! ;)

  4. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  5. Uguuuuu! Those flakies are so pretty!