Saturday, May 7, 2011


Currently I'm rocking Nyx Girls Algae on my nails.
Wow, it is an amazing colour! Kind of a dusty a teal colour, Algae isn't my normal shade of polish. I am loving Algae though! And I keep thinking how amazing it would look with Silver Shatter. ohhhh! Hurry up and arrive my Silver Shatter!

Sorry for the terrible pics, lighting has been shocking lately. Boo for Autumn and Winter coming.

Algae with flash.

Algae with what little natural light there was!
Ok time to stop being lazy and get up! Wii Biggest Loser....then tidy the house...then go and buy Nicks 'suit' for the poor bank account :(


  1. you're right, it would look great with silver shatter!
    i can't wait for it to show up at the salons here!!!

  2. That is such a pretty colour!

  3. You know what, this polish color looks very similar to OPI Mermaids Tears. I wonder what they would look like side by side. Yay, for your Silver Shatter coming! :) How exciting!

  4. I think that it may be slighty darker than Mermaids Tears...but I'll compare them when my bottle arrives!

    I loved wearing Algae. I took it off last night and nothing else I put on looked anywhere near as good. I may have to reapply!