Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank You

I have two awesome people say a massive thank you to today.

On Monday Liz from Liquid Jelly tagged me for the Kreative Blogger award.
If you haven't checked out Liz's blog you totally should. She posted a very awesome universe inspired mani on Monday.
I've already done the 10 facts about me last week...but I wanted to say thank you. It's always so nice to get an award! It's like my class in school assembly, they get so excited about the certificates that are handed out. Well I got very excited to be given an award!
The other person I need to thank is Sam. I received a very awesome package, that was bigger than I was expecting!

Sam was kind enough to offer to send me a bottle of Revlon Perplex. So I jumped up and down, did a little dance, and said yes please! I sent her 2 of the BYS colour change polishes (which I hope she loves).

Instead of one polish, Sam sent me 6! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Orly Starry-eyed and Limelite, Revlon Perplex, Duri Dirty Dancing and Orly Rockin Rockette and Winter Wonderland


  1. Aww...all those colors look so pretty!!

  2. Wow, beautiful colors. Can't wait to see swatches of the Orly Minis.

  3. Yay! She was so generous!!

  4. I'm glad you like them! And I do love the BYSs so, so much. I wore the purple one last week, and everyone around me got very sick of me saying "My nails are cold - LOOK!", "It's warm in here - my nails say so", "OMGOMG GRADIENT EFFECT!!" Also, it improved doing the dishes by a factor of 3!

    With all that fun, I'm going to have to wait a while before trying out the blue :P

  5. lol. I did the same thing...just my 6 year olds were way more into it.

    I promised the girls in my class a special nail polish afternoon, if they're good this week. The first thing they said was "can you bring the colour changing one?".