Thursday, August 19, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks: The Pinks

One of the colours I wear most is pink, so it makes sense that the lipstick colour  I own the most of is pink. Yes I'm a girly girl.

Tea Rose, Fig, Doll and Spell Bound (With out flash)
Tea Rose, Fig, Doll and Spell Bound (With flash)
I really love all these colours. Spell Bound wasn't what I expected, but I still really like it. Tea Rose is probably my favourite. It actually looks quite pink on me.

Tea Rose: Gorgeous pinky colour. My favourite of this group. It can go with just about anything. I wore this out as soon as I got it.
Fig: A bit brighter than Tea Rose. I havent actually worn this out yet. A nice pink wih a smidgeon of coral mixed in to warm it up.
Doll: A nice rosey darker pink. Unfortunately my mum stole this one rather quickly. I doubt I'll see it again!
Spell Bound: I expected a dark rosey colour, and Spell Bound is bright pink. It's comparable to Louisiana, but warmer. In my opinion. It actually suits my, I just have to get used to bright lips.

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