Tuesday, November 1, 2011

China Glaze: Martini Pedicure

Seriously I love that China Glaze put out two collections with alcoholic names. Tequila Toes and Martini Pedicure. It's probably bad though that the names and colours make me want to sit and sun myself outside with delicious cocktails.

In my head I've begun to call these polishes the alcoholic polishes. Martini Pedicure and Tequila Toes just take too long to write!

Anyway today I'll be showing the polishes that I ave from the Martini Pedicure collection. I picked these up recently on ebay and have five polishes from the collection. I'm missing Martini Lunch...but haven't found it for a price that I'm willing to pay.

Tarnished and Varnished
 I've seen Tarnished and Varnished compared to Cherry Pie. Personally I think that Tarnished and Varnished is lighter and filled with more delicious glass flakes. The glass flakes appear to be whiter... Either way it's pretty and justifiable to own both... or give Cherry Pie to your mum like I did...if you think your partner can't tell the difference and complains you have two the same.

Martini Pedicure
 Oh how I love Martini Pedicure. This is my favourite kinda of colour. Aqua/blue/green/turquoise tones are my favourites and if it has glass flecks even better! Martini Pedicure disappointed me to start with. It was so pretty in the bottle but so wishy washy on my nails. Four coats later and it was perfection.

Straight Up
 Straight Up is sheer, but it's so darn pretty. Straight Up makes me think of princess nails. Cinderella...

Sass in a Glass
 Sass in a Glass is gorgeous sexy dark bright pink. It's an amazing colour and has glass flecks... I used three coats. Just drool!

Shaken Not Stirred
Shaken Not Stirred is the reason I have this collection. I searched it on ebay hoping I would find it... and I found so much else! Shaken Not Stirred is a stunning pinky/purple with the same gorgeous silvery white glass flecks. The shimmer is just amazing on this one!

I'm so glad to have these polishes in my collection and will be rocking them all summer...especially for those Summer BBQs... When I'll be holding cocktails to match my nails...


  1. Shaken not Stirred and Tarnished and Varnished are my fave. X

  2. these are ALL great colours!

  3. I love this collection, but I am a big sucker for glass fleck done well.