Sunday, November 13, 2011

Orly: Mineral FX

I am a bad influence.

I woke up as per normal at 6am, I have to take Nick to the bus early on Sunday morning. I rolled over, gave my darling a hug and suggested he was sick today. Yay, sleepy Sunday morning in bed for me!

I envy him and how easy it is for him to take a sick day. If I'm sick I have to be basically dying before I ring up sick. I have a billion sick days owing me, k slight exageration but as a primary school teacher my sick days roll over from year to year, so I do have a few. If I'm sick though I need a reliever, they don't know the class routine and then my reading books get messed up.

I had a flu last term and was off for two days. Before I got sick I had organised my reading groups books for the next week. I came back to school to find the reliever had helped themselves and handed out my books... ruining my planning! They also marked my roll wrong... ARGH! lol. Sick days don't work out so well for me.

Anyway something that did work out well for me was ordering these two gorgeous polishes. I didn't really feel the Orly Mineral FX collection as much as I felt the Cosmic FX collection. So I only ended up with two bottles of polish. Emberstone and Rock Solid.

Emberstone is a stunning red/orange/coral with gorgeous gold and pink shimmery particles in it. As pretty as Emberstone is it and reminds me of Animalistic enough that I don't need both. Emberstone will be donated to mums ever growing collection. I just don't wear these colours enough to justify keeping both, even though they are not dupes.

Rock Solid
Oh...Holoooooo, Holoooo where are you? Awesome idea that doesn't quite translate on to the nail. Lucky for Rock Solid I still like it. I know it hasn't received as much love as the hype surrounding it...but I actually like Rock Solid. It's a pretty colour and every now and then you catch a glimpse of the holo glitters.


  1. I passed on the much hyped Emberstone but I got Rock Solid. Yeah, the sparse holo bits barely show up on the nails but, like you, I still like it.