Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I love it when I have good days with the kids. I get home and feel so high that they actually learnt something today. I know they learn things most days...but it's just so nice when you can actually see their learning/progress.

Anyway on to Halloween nails... mine are very subtle. China Glaze Lets Do It In 3D with two cute little bat stickers I got in one of the Color Club mini sets. Subtle yet was finally sunny today. I was out on lunch duty so I really wanted to wear a nice holo!

China Glaze Lets Do It In 3D
Mmmm....holo deliciousness.

I saw today that nihrida posted a self portrait for the 30 day drawing challenge. I'm not big on nail art, so wasn't too keen to get on board with the nail challenge...but a drawing challenge, that's something I want to try! As I just decided I wanted in on this challenge today... I may have to spend all night drawing and scribbling out my drawings... So hopefully I'll have something to show later today or tomorrow.

The challenge as posted on nihrida
In other news my giveaway closes on the 31st... Yeah it's that time already in New Zealand, but it'll close at 11:59pm 31st of October PDT. If you haven't entered and want to click here.

Right, I'm off to eat left overs, make Nick lunch for the next few days, watch 16 and Pregnant and draw a picture of myself!

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