Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A little while ago I maxed my credit card. You may have noticed my insane haulage over a couple of months. opps. You'll be glad to know I no longer have control of my credit card (booo Nick took it off me)... but I do have these gorgeous Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. So it's all good!

Poco a Poco
this may look like a granny colour in the shade... but check out this stunner in the sunlight. I'm loving that red/coopery shimmer that is running through the pink. Most definitely makes me think of red sky in the morning...

A beautiful understated pale lilac with gorgeous white/icy shimmer. A seriously pretty delicate polish. I actually wore this one today. Every time I looked at my hands I felt so girly.

Piu Mosso
wow. I mean seriously look at that cooper shimmer. Wow. Sure Piu Mosso is a really dark navy that I probably wont wear so much...I just don't do dark too often. But omg how could I not buy it. Just look at that shimmer. I'll be saving this one for seriously special occasions where I want to be sexy as hell....cause this polish is one damn sexy polish.


  1. I want this set so badly! Pizzicato & Piu Mosso look so perfect. PM looks really good on you, you should rock it all the time in autumn and winter!

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  3. Piu Mosso is one damn sexy polish for sure!!