Friday, November 18, 2011

Nubar Polka Dots

I've wanted a black glitter polish for awhile. So when I saw that Nubar had a black glitter and a white glitter polish I snapped them both up pretty quickly on ebay. You know just in case someone else found about them and bought them before I'd paid off my credit card.

I really love the Nubar glitters as a rule and these two are no exception.

Nubar Black Polka Dot over China Glaze Devotion
Why did I wear Black Polka Dot for Halloween? i found the black to be slightly thinner than the white and it needed two coats for a decent coverage of glitter... but black glitter? Awesome!

Nubar White Polka Dot over China Glaze Adore
This looks like snow! White Polka Dot is so pretty and I only used one coat. I really want to try this one over some dark colours...but it does look insanely pretty over blue and green tones.

The polka dots are well worth purchasing. I didn't have a glitter like either in my collection so these were welcome additions.


  1. oh i love the white! ive got the black already but seeing it on you, i know i need the white too!