Sunday, November 13, 2011

Color club: Alter Ego

Another better late than never post... I actually picked up this set from USA Nails Online a New Zealand distributor for color Club. They don't have this set anymore, but keep an eye on the site as they have crazy specials every so often. I mean the other day they did 7 polishes for $7... as in NZ dollars... wow.

This is the Alter Ego: Keep it Under Cover collection from Spring... yeah... a tad late...

Omg... so so so so pretty. Ok I'd cross all those so's out if this was one of my kids stories.... but I really wanted to emphasize the prettiness. Look at that yummy shimmer.

Can you believe this is one! Wow.

Total mystery
I have no idea why I'm not feeling this pretty shimmer blue... but I gave it to mum. She loves it.  Even looking at the pictures i'm still not into it. I have no idea why, it's pretty! I should love it but I don't.

Ulterior Motive
I didn't expect to like this one... but man is it pretty.

Secret Agent
I'm not sure how I feel about this very pretty purple shimmer. I have nothing quite like it in my collection, but I'm not sure about it on me... I like it... it's just... argh.. am I getting fussy?

Alter Ego
Now this is an odd colour. So much is happening. Purple, gold, silver, grey? Very sexy. A stunning and rather unique polish.


  1. Oooohhh, I want them all except for Masquerading. See what you mean about Secret Agent it has a pull, but the finish is sort of odd - kind of frosty/matte looking?

  2. Alias, Alter Ego and Ulterior Motive are NICE!

  3. Secret agent is my favorite <3