Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LA Girl Supernova

One polish I'd been drooling over forever, yet never managed to purchase was LA Girl Supernova. I finally got around to it.

Supernova is one pretty polish. I've layered it over black...but i think next time I wear it I'll chuck it on over a charcoal grey. Supernova is a sheer black jelly with holo strings. It's very pretty... i think I'd like to layer more layers to get the full effect of the jelly and strings next time.

Drool! Look at those awesome holo strings.

Now if only the sun would come back. Its raining rather heavily outside and I can hear a lot of water over flowing the guttering...not a good sound! I had plans to get my class outside as much as possible today....looks like they'll be inside driving me insane instead!

Oh well at least I don't have to dry my hair now! What's the point in styling it for the day if I'm going to look like a drowned rat as soon as I step outside anyway.


  1. it looks like a million mini glow sticks :D

  2. That's one freaky mani. It looks hairy but I still like it - weirdly good!

  3. That looks great over black! I wonder how it would look over purple.