Saturday, November 19, 2011

Misa: Wishes and Stress

I'm not good with stress. When I get stressed I tend to shut nothing, hide my head in the sand. Which of course makes everything worse. It's a vicious cycle I tell you.

This time of year is crazy for me. I have two weeks to finish writing all my reports.. and these are no ordinary reports. I tell you these reports are madness. They are termed 'learning journals' and include a page of comments for reading, writing and maths... they include copies of tests and samples of students work... a page for each of the topics we have done this year... a page for PE... a page for key competencies... and a general summary page for general comments, attendance and such. By page I mean A4 size. That's at least 7 pages I have to type up for each child, not including all the tests and samples of work I need to copy. Yeah, so I have actually been adding to these learning journals through out the year...but it's still a lot of work that I need to get done.

Then my house is a mess. Mum wants me to design a brouchure for her. I'm really worried about our finances for Christmas. My class are being really naughty at the moment. I just found out I have to move classrooms next year. Education outside the classroom week is coming up. I still have quite a lot of testing to do on the kids before the end of year, but can't seem to get anything done in class as they keep playing up every time I try to get some testing done.

Wow! That's a lot of stresses...good thing I have some gorgeous spring toned polishes from the Misa Wishes collection.

Ever since I irst laid eyes on swatches of the Misa Wishes collection I wanted them. I drooled. I googled...I had no idea how to purchase these pretty polishes. Then I found

They sell Misa polishes! I was able to get my hands on the Wishes collection at long last. I only ordered four from the collection in the end... but I love the four I ordered.

Fountain of Youth
Touch the Rainbow
Pixie Princess
Genie in this Bottle
All four polishes are such pretty pastels. Shimmery and delicate...and of course perfect for Spring. There's still a bit of Spring left...bring on Summer!


  1. OMG Genie in this Bottle looks amazing!!!

  2. What did you think of the formula and application? I wasn't too impressed with Fountain of Youth. A bit goopy and streaky to me.

  3. Yes they were a little gloopy. I messed a few up lol. I eventually worked out thin layers and lots of drying time was the way to go.

    Genie in this Bottle is my fave. It's just so pretty and makes me think of Aladdin with the

  4. Yes, Genie is the prettiest. I just wish the application was better. I didn't like how polish suddenly flowed from the wand when I was trying to do thin coats.