Thursday, November 17, 2011

Color Club: Backstage Pass

I had to go to the dentist yesterday for a filling. I'm still feeling sorry for myself... The fact I had to go to the dentist, that I had to have an injection, I had to spend so much money... So here's some cheery glitter to make me feel better. Unfortunately I'm not really into some of this collection... But the ones I love make up for the ones I'm not so keen on.

So here we have Color Clubs Backstage Pass collection.

Its a Hit over Orly Au Champagne.
I'm really not feeling Its a Hit... I just don't like the large hex glitter. It's too large and they look like they're curling. Not a look I'll be wearing.

Wish Upon a Rock Star over BB Couture Junk in the Trunk
Wish Upon a Rock Star is my favourite...tied with Take the Stage. Wish Upon a Rock Star is a gorgeous mix of coloured glitter with larger hex glitter in a pretty pale purpley colour. Unique compared to all the Happy Birthday dupes.

Backstage Pass over BB Couture Scorching Strawberry
Backstage Pass is another that I just don't like. The hex glitter is too big and it's hard to apply. This one has large silver and large fuchsia glitter. There seems to be some small glitter...but good luck finding it!

Platinum Record over BB Couture Feathered Vixen
Platinum Record is another I like...but it's not terribly unique. Varying sizes of silver glitter... still it is pretty.

Fame and Fortune
Fame and Fortune is the only one that I see being worn as a stand  alone polish. Whilst it can be layered it can also be built up to be worn alone. This was two coats. I quite like the squishy jelly look with broken glass shards of glitter.

Take the Stage over Artsy Crafty
Take the Stage is my tied favourite with Wish Upon a Rock Star. It may look like just another gold glitter, but if you look closely you'll see the broken glass shards. Pretty.

So I like 4 out of 6 of these polishes...and I've actually been wearing these polishes a lot lately. I'm loving glitters layered over anything at the moment. Everything must be glitterfied!

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