Saturday, November 26, 2011

Misa: Surreal Escape

All my reports are due tomorrow... So of course I'm procrastinating by posting on here!

It's just general comments I have to write... It's easy to say a kid talks to much in a nice way...but saying a kid is disruptive, argumentative and picks on other children? Then I after saying that I can't exactly say it has been a pleasure to teach them. Maybe a few cocktails will help me write them.

It's also voting day today. I can't stand politics. I understand the need for them... but I don't like to be involved in them. To be honest I'm still not 100% sure who to vote for. They all seem to be as bad as each other.

So whilst I need to write reports and walk down to the polling booth...I think I'll take a surreal escape with Misa.

When I saw the Surreal Escape collection on I didn't know it was a new collection, as I hadn't seen any info about it. Four polishes still made their way into my cart!

The Great Green Whatsit
This was my favourite out of the polishes I purchased. A somewhat frosty green polish that has a very cool bright blue/aqua duochrome. I found that driving was the best way to see the extreme fingers were at the perfect angle whilst holding the steering wheel. Though it's best not to stare at your nails too often while driving...

Phazers on Stunning
This one reminds me of Nubar Wildlife...but not as cool? I haven't actually compared them though. Green/brown/purple duochrome...just not really my cup of tea.

Shields Up
This just reminds me too much of OPI Not like the Movies (which I love). Shields up just seems like the wishy washy cousin. Yes it's pretty...but I love me some Not Like the Movies.

Below is Beyond Infinity. I messed up the layout of this post...opps! Anyway I actually quit like Beyond Infinity, it's a darker grey with blue tone. Standard really, but nice.
Beyond Infinity

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