Monday, November 21, 2011

a-England: Lady like hues

a-England polish are gorgeous. They have the cutest bottles with silver caps and crown print. They are named after British mythology. The cremes are amazing. The shimmers are stunning. The glitter is awesome and there are two holo of which is a stunning dark blue...

Seriously what is not to love about a-England? So lets have an a-England week! I've got three posts lined up for you all this week showcasing some amazingly awesomtastic a-England polishes.

Lets start today with some lady like hues.

Delicious dusty purple. Two coats of smooth polish. I really don't know what else to say except Guinevere is awesome and go buy it!

Isuelt is a pale pink. A very pale pink shimmer. I know this colour won't suit everyone and I think I'm just on the line of does it look good or does it make me red... but I really like the ladylike pale pearly pink.

Morgan Le Fay
So Maybe I did buy Morgan Le Fay just for the name... I may or may not have being having a Stargate moment... talking of Stargate moments... I'm loving Terra Nova but omg it reminds me of Stargate...and Jurrasic Park...and Lost.... Anyway Morgan Le Fay... very pretty shimmer white. Can be used as a layering polish or built up to wear alone. This was 2-3 coats.

These polishes are crazily photogenic and look even more delicious in person.

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