Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BB Couture: Eye Candy

Now if yesterdays polishes didn't give you happy tingly feelings... check out todays. The BB Couture Eye Candy collection. Eye Candy says it all and these polishes are a delight to behold.

Junk in the Trunk
I wasn't sure about junk in the Trunk when I swatched it on a stick... but seeing it on my nails. Wow. That blue is amazing and so photogenic. Look at the pretty shimmer. I don't need another blue polish... although that wont stop me buying more!

Scorching Strawberry
Scorching Strawberry was a surprise for me. I thought it was just a plain creme pink... nope! not only is it an amazingly gorgeous and flattering shade of pink but it also has the tiniest hint of shimmer. Pretty!

Feathered Vixen
Feathered Vixen was another polish I was meh about on my swatch stick. But you know what, it's actually a very pretty purple with shimmer. I used two coats and should probably have done a third looking at these pictures.

Sweet Silicon
I love teal/turquoise/aqua shades. Any colour with just a hint of blue green is awesome in my books. Sweet Silcon is an amazing shimmery almost metallic colour.  /love.

Busty Bombshell
Having a double d cup size I think a polish named busty Bombshell is slightly awesome. I'm always so self-conscious of my breasts, forever pulling up tops to ensure i'm not showing too much. So the fact I can wear a polish that celebrates busts is pretty awesome. Even more awesome it's actually and olive tone I can wear. It has just the right amount of blue mixed in for me. Unlike Cult nails In a trance which was perfect for mums skin tone. not that she was complaining!

Trim and Tasseled
Wow. Now this is an amazing polish. Sure I don't capture it's awesomness with my camera. But even so it still looks drool worthy. Yeah it's more purple than I could capture... but basically think of Hermosa Surfer Girls kinky older cousin and you get this gorgeous purpley glitter amazingness.

Yeah I'm pretty happy I picked up this collection. after I purchased it I was told it wouldn't be available any more! :( good thing I bought it.

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