Thursday, November 24, 2011

a-England: Bright and Sparkly

Continuing my week of a-Englands I have the brights and glitter polish that I own.

Wow! Just like Guinevere this is one smooth creme and the colour is to die for. Galahad is my favourite of the a-England polishes that I own... yup I love this one more than the holos... it's just so perfect.

Holy Grail
How could I not buy a polish entitled Holy Grail. This Holy Grail is a very yellow gold shimmer. It stands out from other golds because it is so yellow based. I'm not sure it's the right colour for me. Mum how ever saw it and won't give it back!

Merlin is a stunning silver glitter. This was two coats and as you can see Merlin is dense enough to be built up and worn alone. Merlin is also fab for layering and adding some sparkle to another colour.


  1. I'm such a fan of glitter right now I'd definitely wear all of these but especially the last one. You're right too, it's a fab color for layering.

    I'm doing a Versace bracelet giveaway too if you have time to stop by

  2. My Galahad is way more green and grey toned than yours :(