Friday, November 11, 2011

OPI: Touring America

Better late than never! I did actually pick up three polishes from the OPI Touring America collection. I honestly only felt the need for these three. sad isn't it. Unfortunately I've seen the Holland pics and I must say I want a lot more than three!

Uh Oh Roll Down the Window
What can I say I'm immature the name makes me giggle. I do teach 6 and 7 year olds. But i actually do like this army tone. shout out to my little brother who just got back from Tuvalu. He's a medic in the army and went over as aid. Yeah I'm a proud big sister.

I eat Maine-ly Lobster
Well I love corals. Especially with a smidge of shimmer so I couldn't say no to this one.

My Adress is Hollywood
Ok so there were more unique colours in the collection....but I'm a sucker for a pretty pink with shimmer. especially if it hast a dusty rose quality to it.

Yeah I don't plan on picking up any of the other polishes in the collection. I was tempted by Are We there Yet? just for the sheer annoyingness of the question and the remebereance of annoying my parents by asking that very question. but i don't really need a polish for the name... at least not this time... CG Drinkin' My Blues Away can stay though... (I bought that one for the name, it's actually rather close to Blue Years Eve...)


  1. I still want Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window. One day I'll get it. These three look great on you.

  2. I was unmoved by this collection too. I only bought "Uh-Oh..."