Monday, November 7, 2011

Color Club: Foiled

Argh. I feel like I was hit by a truck... Ok so I don't actually know what that feels like... but I imagine it would feel pretty bad. I've been moody, bloaty, headachey and generally argumentative for awhile now. Yeah, I'll be honest, for a long time. Like all this year... So I decided to quit taking the oral contraceptive pill I was on. You know...just to see if it helped.

Now I remember why I was on it... omg the cramps. Then my mother gave me some sort of sinus infection that she had, after she gave me a lecture on not getting pregnant. No wonder I was an emotional wreck this weekend.

Good thing I have happy pretty nail polish colours to make me forget about my sorrows!

Meet the Color Club Foiled collection. if these polishes don't lift your mood...take a bath! (I did, it was awesome)

Hot Like Lava
Cold Metal
Perfect Mol-ten
Foil Me Once
I used two coats for all of these swatches. Seriously shiny nails! very sexy for the holiday season. I wore Antiquated over the weekend with Hits Hermes and it was amazingly awesome. All in all I really like these Foiled polishes.


  1. Gorgeous nail polishes and lovely nails, thanks for sharing x

  2. U should try getting on the bc pill that let's u only have one period every 3 months. I get horrible cramps & migraines at my time of month so the Seasonale pill let's me skip 3 months and only feel like crap 1 week out of 12 instead of 3 wks. I have noticed less side effects from it too. No bloating, no weight gain, no headaches...some spotting is possible with ur first pack but spotting without cramps is better than a whole crummy period. Ok sorry for the whole book. I don't sell bc pills I promise. I do love the Color Club! Great swatches!