Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Climbed a Mountain...

This week is 'Outdoor Week' at school. We basically get to deviate from our normal programme and do some outdoorsy type activities. This year the juniour class theme is animals including human animals.

So far we have had an animal show, made scroggin and climbed Cannon Point.

We climbed Cannon Point, the hill behind the school, today. It took us three hours up and down. Pretty good for 5 and 6 year olds. I'm tired and achey and am starting to think I really should run round the field with the kids in the mornings...I'm so unfit.

The 'mountain' we climbed

The view from the top. You can see right out to Wellington Harbour.

But you can't see my house.
Pretty as a postcard on the way back down.
It's a good thing it was overcast...long walks uphill are not fun in hot sunshine!

Tomorrow we're having a treasure hunt and making kites. Thursday we are going to zoo...I can't wait. I love the zoo. Friday...we are recovering!

I had set up posts for this week, so that I didn't have to worry about posting when I was busy with outdoor week and report writing. I forgot to schedule them though...I left them as drafts. Opps!

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