Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rarotonga: Part 2

Our second day in Rarotonga the weather forecast was for heavy rain. Luckily we had a lot of wedding organising to do. Meeting with the wedding planner and taking a trip to the court house were high on the priorities, as well as making up the favour boxes for the wedding.

In Rarotonga we learnt pretty fast not to listen to the weather forecast. Yes it rained heavily...until about 10am. Then it stayed overcast a little bit longer before becoming fine and of course hot.

Coolest kid I know, chilling waiting for his Scooby Doo Burger.
It was warm enough to go for a swim/paddle down at the water after lunch. I wouldn't go swimming in NZ after heavy rain! I decided to wear Senorita Bonita as a pedi colour. Island Escape seemed like a very appropriately titled collection!

Senorita Bonita on the sand

Hanging out with that awesome 5 year old Bradley.
 Brad was incredibly cute our first night in Rarotonga. Nicks family flew in a couple of days before us so Brad got a little confused about why we weren't there. That first night we went to hang out with his family and Brad was asleep. He woke up and saw me there, blinked a few times and I went over to him to get a sleepy hug. He said "I thought you weren't coming" and gave me a very sleepy hug. He was very happy to see Nick and myself lol.

Later in the day we caught the clockwise bus. Yup I got that right...the clockwise bus. There's only two buses, clockwise and anti-clockwise. We went in to the town center of Avarua.

Clockwise Bus

Bus stop in the town center with amazing scenery.
When we got back we were in time for happy hour and a stunning sunset.

Nick said he wasn't feeling great and went to bed moaning and groaning. I figured he wasn't too sick, as he ate the pizza I took up to him (which was delicious). I also thought he was trying to get out of making favours.
Unfortunately I checked on him later that night and he was burning up.

Christine (my bridesmaid) Mum, Dad and I made all the boxes, got the ribbon and cut outs glued on and folded all the place setting name cards. I manned the glue gun and managed not to burn myself. High five me!

Favours. Pink for the girls and blue for the boys...yup I'm a primary teacher!
We made the favours up in mum and dads room. It was amazing. They got moved into it that morning as the air conditioning was playing up in their original room. Instead of moving them into another beach front room, the hotel moved them to one of the VIP suites. It was so big and spacious, had a massive bathroom, had a spa bath, amazing views out to the ocean...but unfortunately the next day the air con gave up in that room they moved them into the VIP suite next door. I'm wondering if Dad was just unlucky when it came to using the air con! In all fairness it was the remote that wasn't working. A sensor was broken?

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