Saturday, July 16, 2011

Butterfly Award

I know I said I wouldn't have time...but I just got a lovely message and an award from Beauty Behaved.
How could I resist posting this awesome award....and I just painted my nails, so I can't exactly pack or clean!

The Rules:
1. Link the person back who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions below
4. Award this to 15 bloggers

Seven things about me:
1. I'm getting married on Friday 22nd of July.
2. I started packing on Monday.
3. Normally I'd have a list of everything I need to pack and take written, but I don't have a list.
4. Normally I'd have a list of all the activities to do whilst we are away and what day would be best to them on...but I don't.
5. I'm feeling very disorganized and slightly less in control with out my lists!
6. I am looking forward to winging it...kind of...I just started getting very excited today. Like crazy excited, bubbles in your tummy excited!
7. And of topic from the wedding...If I was sorted in a Hogwarts house I would be in Hufflepuff. I wish Hufflepuff got more love. 

Name your favorite color- Turquoise

Name your favorite song- Green day- Good Riddance or Beauty and The beast.

Name your favorite dessert- Brownies

What pisses you off- People who don't indicate or don't give way. Apparently I was cranky yesterday I tooted my horn at two people! 

When you're upset you- are sulky and moody and want hugs.

Your favorite pet- to choose between my little mice. Clio probably. she's the naughtiest. Always climbing on the roof and trying to escape and she has the coolest kink in her tail.

Black or white- White. We're just talking about shades and tints right? White mixes nicer with other colours when you're painting. I'd rather start with a darker tone and add white than start light and add black.

Your biggest fear- Darn white tail spiders and their creepy pointy legs.

best feature- Hahaha....I've said this before...i'm so self conscious of my boobs, but they do rock.

Everyday attitude- Getting through life most days...with a smile of course.

What is perfection- Subjective. One persons ideal of perfect is not the same as anothers.

Guilty pleasure- Chocolate. buying a box of nice chocolates and sneaking a couple of pieces while I read a book.

And of course some bloggers to tag :)

1.Ice Queen's Nail Palour I'm glad someone else had issues with Get Your Lem-on. It's so pretty though...
2.Owls and Polish Because owls are kinda cool. i have a very pretty dress with an owl print. That's just awesome.
3.Ivana Thinks Pink Pink rocks. Wouldn't we all be happy if all our thoughts were pink.
4.Haute Laquer I'm totally jealous. Zoya Smoke and Mirrors....drool!
5.Noelies Nails drool! Nail Prism! Ruby I don't have and it looks amazing...drooool!
6.Pinup Cherry Makeup Seriously cool harry Potter nails and make up!
7.Trailer Hood Chic I can't wait to see more to do with the hair drama.
8.Nailderella Any name that reminds me of Cinderella...
9.Rebecca Likes Nails Rebecca's just kinda awesome and likes Blink.
10.Spaz and Squee Amazing swatches of OPI's this month. Amazing swatches all the time actually!
11.Nails in the Desert Anyway that can spell desert instead of dessert deserves an award!
12.Samariums Swatches Harry Potter nails!
13.Big Apple Red nails A new blogger :)
14.AccroPolish I love seeing the polishes I can't get a hold of over at AccroPolish

Did I get 15? I can't count..I just teach small children to count and read and write...:)

My nails seem mostly dry, so I can get back to packing and doing the long list of things I need to.


  1. (: i hope your wedding goes down the way youve been dreaming of

    much love, BB

  2. congrats on getting married :) i love brownies too!