Monday, July 4, 2011

Shindig Pictures

I'm absolutely spoilt.

I had a fantastic day on Saturday and was so pleased to see everyone at the afternoon tea.
Everything went smoothly, there were no cringe worthy games but there were a few fun ones, that everyone loved. I really should scan and upload some of the dresses that people designed for me to wear. Some of the drawings are hilarious. There was delicious food. Actually the food you just need to see! I was very spoilt.

Amazing biscuits thanks to Nicks Sister
Absolutely gorgeous cupcakes thanks to our close family friend Gail .  The stand was my present to keep! (as well as the cupcakes)
I was even more spoilt though, Nicks sister and family were kind enough to decorate a glass for everyone. They painted them with blue and added gold hearts. They looked amazing for everyone to toast with, and take as a keepsake. They added a white ribbon to the base with the date 2.7.11.

Decorated glasses
Apparently on Friday night they were all in the kitchen. I had no idea and went into the kitchen to use the computer. Nick followed me through and was apparently blocking them from my sight the whole time. I had no idea lol.

And of course an obligatory picture of me. I decided to wear a black ruffled dress that shows off my boobs and a berry coloured cardigan. Actually the cardigan is the exact colour of OPI Dim Sim Plum, which I wore on my nails!

Me looking ready to face the guests! I really need a haircut, but I have to wait another week for my appointment. Just let me know if you want to know any of the make up I'm wearing. It's a ridiculously easy look to do! 

OPI Dim Sim Plum looking rather odd under my cameras flash.
I hope all the Americans are having a fabulous 4th of July. I know I've been feeling inspired to do a stars and stripes mani after seeing all the gorgeous 4th of July nails!

Tomorrow I'll be posting the pictures from our night out on Saturday!


  1. I had to do a double take at those biscuits! Wow! The look gorgeous! [and so do you!!!!]

  2. Those biscuits are amazing and the oh the cupcakes (can you tell I am hungry) I am glad it went well and you looked gorgeous for the event :)

  3. those cookies and cupcakes look to die for!

    hope you have an amazing day

    shel xx