Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick Haul-erific Post

I've still been struggling with this head cold and I have a meeting tonight at the bank. Which hopefully leads to me having hopefully we get to go out for dinner!

I have an afternoon tea for my wedding this Saturday and then a few of the girls are spending the night in the city with ideas of seeing a movie, eating and maybe some drinking...
So I'm not sure I'll get anything posted this weekend!

Wednesday was a super awesome day for me. I came home to 3 parcels. One was a book, one was my beautfiul Lord of the Rings blurays...extended versions that are sold out everywhere. The last was my Beauty Joint order. OMG Beauty Joint I love you. My parcel came so fast and was so well packaged. Seriously less than a week to get to New Zealand.

Anyway on to pictures!

Mermaid Green, Pistachio, Lapis, Golden Lavender, Paradise Nude and Dorothy

Chunky Holo polishes: Bluebell, Teal, Purple, Fuchsia, Poppy and Black.

NYX I dream of St Thomas palette.

Look at that green's amazing!

Round Lipticks: Iconic, Blush, Haute Couture, Shiva and Peach Bellini. NYX Plump it Up in Pamela

Peach Bellini, Shiva, Haute Couture, Blush and Iconic

2012 Crackles: Prayer, Virgin, Prophecy and Sinner


  1. I am unfamiliar with 2012 polish. But I like the 'Prophecy' shade. That one looks unique.

  2. I've been lemming nearly all of the Cherimoya polishes from BeautyJoint - hopefully I can get some soon. Let us know how they crack!

  3. yay HAULLLLL!<3
    i love those NYX girls polishes
    ive been wanting dorothy forever~

  4. I actually have the 2012 crackle in prayer and I was surprised it cracked really well for me!(:

  5. Cheap kleancolours that ship to NZ? Count me in :D
    Was the shipping expensive? And how does golden lavender compare to hell to the no?

  6. Golden Lavender is unfortunately nothing like Hell to the No. It's lighter and has much more prominent gold shimmer. I'll compare them at some stage :)

    The 2012 crack nicely, but I was disappointed that Virgin had a nice shimmer in the bottle, but didn't transfer when I swatched it.

    I will be ordering from beauty joint again...soon as I can spend money again!

  7. Hi, i have 2012 crack virgin, prophecy and sinner and i like it :)

  8. oooooh this makes me excited for my beautyjoint order... i ordered 11 kleancolors yesterday!! i hope shipping is as fast to canada!!
    ps i just read all your posts from while i was gone, such cute pre-wedding posts!
    im so excited for you :)

  9. Thanks Rebecca. I can't wait for the wedding now, I just bought video camera as well... be prepared for wedding pics and maybe videos...