Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well I'm very excited. In 10 minutes time I'm going to be driving down to the hairdressers and getting my hair cut and coloured for the wedding. And havig a bit of a play with styles to wear it for the 'big day'.

In the mean time here's my hair now...

Polka dots
Glasses...because I am a teacher. I will be wearing contacts for the wedding...I just didn't bring them with me!
Wow you can see how tired i look. But as you can see I have naturally wavy, somedays curly hair.  It's a golden brown colour naturally but at the ends you can still see some foils, barely. 

When I cut my hair to shoulder length I straighten it everyday to prevent 'bounce up'.  I think I'll leave it longer today but I have no idea what to do to the front. Fringe....blunt or side swept....no fringe...ahhh. I got a bluntish fringe before Christmas so it's kinda still growing out. It's jaw length now....so I have to do something with it. I will of course be returning to a blonder look with two shades of blonde foils through the top of my hair.

Anyway....yay hairdresser! I can't wait to play with my veil.